What Happens When You Dance?

What happens when you dance ?When you are in motion, what do you feel, sense, perceive?


What about stillness?


What about the in-between?


Just yesterday I was dancing with my class and a new pattern emerged.


I felt the thrill of new and old laying ground.


As I sat on the sidelines later on to watch, long moments of fullness and ease moved in, and stayed for awhile.


I felt, sensed, and percieved awe.

When you dance…do you feel stirred?




How so?


What is happening with the systems that are inside of you, and also, outside of you?


Do you ever wonder why we all are not dancing, every single day, for most of the day?

Or is that just me — because I wonder about that a lot.


I know that dancing isn’t for everyone.


We all follow our own path and one path doesn’t fit all.


I know.


But sometimes, I wish, that just once, we all could take a day off -- together -- to notice what parts of the body are in contact with the earth...to hone in on the detail of that.

To move into and engage in a dance that is waiting -- patiently -- for all of us to step into and be swept away by the thrill and awe of dancing.


Floating, burrowing, excavating, carving, resting, and flying in shape, form, time, and energy.


Ah dancing…you are on my mind these days!  

How about a dance mission since we haven’t done one of those in ages.


Back to basics perhaps?


Find a comfortable place to be — lying down, sitting or standing.


Notice your breath.


Notice your body against the earth.

Notice your body carving into the air that is surrounding you.


On your exhale, see what movement emerges.


On your inhale, find stillness.


Do this over and over again:  Move on the exhale and find stillness on they inhale until one bleeds into the other as your movement and your stillness find their way to the surface.

And the dance?

It's already happening.