I’m making a dance film called The Sky Inside.

I’m calling it that, ‘cause that’s what if feels like when I dance these days, and when I watch those that are in my classes dance — that the sky is inside.

The wide open space above and below.

The ocean that never ends.

The bounty of that.

There’s been a bit of a snarl, and I’m sure there will be more before the project is done.

Mostly in my head, the snarl. 

The knot.

The tight fear that maybe I shouldn’t.

Who am I to make a film?

Of what? people say.

The sky, I say.

But why? people say.

The sky, I say.

For whom? people say.

For me, I say.

And for you.  

For those who don't see themselves as beautiful, and for those who do.

For those who revel in the pleasure of being in a body, and for those who don't know that that is an option.

The dancers in the film follow what is most curious to them in every given moment in this film.

Not what I find to be curious.

Not what funders/curators/choosers/holders find to be curious.

But what the dancers find to be curious.

Dancing exactly how and as they wish.

Listening closely to that curiosity and following it to the end.

 The Sky Inside.

Sunday, April 28th.

Monday, April 29th.

Monday, May 6th.

All at 7pm at The Boedecker Theater in Boulder.

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