Form emerges as each individual within the ensemble follows what is most pleasing, intriguing, and meaningful to them.

With that ground rule in place and practice, we ask:

Where and what is the boundary between one’s internal world and one’s external world?

Between mind and body?

Between imagination and body?

Between bodies…all bodies?

How do we engage, connect, and create when the boundaries disappear and all we are left with is the body, dancing with other bodies?

When and how do stereotypes and expectations of who gets to take up space and be seen in our world, break open? In the world of dance, but also in the world outside of dance.

I invite you to enter into the dance space with curiosity and kindness. Loads and loads, so that we — as a collective — may expand our capacity to encounter, and then experience that moment when boundaries dissolve, and one's internal experience becomes indistinguishable from one's external experience. 

I invite you to to meet yourself and others exactly as you are, with no expectations of what will happen during our time together.

photo By Averill Hovey, 2018

photo By Averill Hovey, 2018


"When the birds have inhabited my body, I know that I have arrived" -- Helen Turner, current student of 14 years.


What to expect when you come to class:

The way I'm teaching now is quiet and delicate, with a lot of stillness and slowness in the dancing, especially at the beginning. Sometimes it stays quiet and slow, and sometimes it gets wild, with a huge amount of movement filling the space. It just depends on who is there, and what the energy is like that day.

However it goes, I spend a lot of time giving people the space and time to sequence through their own internal experience before the dancing moves into a more external realm. Because everyone is following their own timing and curiosity, some people move out of their internal experience much more quickly than others, while others stay in their own internal world for the entirety of each movement set. 

After leading a Laban/Bartenieff based warm-up to seat everyone in the space, I'll give an image to play, grapple with, and explore. I will then step back, and be quiet for awhile, as each of you find your way into a dance that is already in the room, simply waiting to be found.

photos by Jun Akiyama, 2018

photos by Jun Akiyama, 2018

I will intersperse prompts and/or images here and there as I see/feel how the ensemble is forming and taking shape. I might say something like: "Imagine your breath making contact with the inside edges of your body," or "How and what are you seeing with your eyes, even if your eyes are closed.”

I'll be quiet again until another prompt/image arises.  There will be long stretches of time when there is no music, and long stretches of time when there is. Some people will vocalize, some will not, depending on what arises for each of you. 

Stillness is valued as much as movement in my classes, and effort, as much as ease.

I emphasize letting the body lead your experience, with the mind placed slightly behind and following. At some point this way of working transitions so that the body and mind working together, unfolding in tandem.

Classes are small that you have space to be, and be seen, for exactly who you are.


“There’s nothing else like it.” — Liza Patrick, Student of 4 years 


      Upcoming Dance Classes, 2019

2018-01-19 Dog Dance Rehearsal 01s (1).jpg

The Anatomy of Improvisation:

14 Week Session from Tuesday, Sept 10th-Thursday, Dec 19th

Tuesdays/Thursday 10:15am-12:15pm at The Boulder Circus Center.

Email me for more info:

“In Joanna’s class, I feel free.” — Linda Stonerock, current student of 15 years.


photo by Jun Akiyama, 2018

photo by Jun Akiyama, 2018

“There is no place I would rather be”. — Paulette, current student of 5 years.

photo by Jun akiiyama, 2017

photo by Jun akiiyama, 2017

"It is the deepest permission” — Nancy Ruff.

photo by Jun akiyama, 2016

photo by Jun akiyama, 2016

"My soul relaxes into my own spiky weirdness here, in this space." -- Lucy Braham, current student of 2 years..

"You are saving lives and shattering time." -- Audrey Maruska, Current Student, 1 year.

“I was deciding between seeing the Dali Lama or coming to class. I choose class!" "Me too!" -- Simone Key and Suzy Shea, both current students of 6 and 2 years.

“All I can say is thank YOU for providing this space and for being you. The one who attracts open, inquisitive, and kind individuals to this class...allowing us all to explore, feel and grow through dancing together.” Johannah Franke, student since 2003, recently turned 86..

“You have a certain magical ability to create an open place for everyone who comes to class to be who they are and bring whatever they can to the process of discovery of truth and beauty through dance. It’s an amazing, heart-opening process, and it’s certainly changed my life.” — Linda Stonerock, student since 2003, recently turned 65.

“Thank you for holding the space in which I could unfold…safely, quietly, loudly, in my own time.” — Margaret Harris, very first student and still taking class.

"I find this resistance. And then hunger. And then...comfort. I walk differently in the world because of this class." -- Nancy Ruff

"My hands were my strongest organs today. Almost like an inner ear...listening so deeply." -- Arrow Zimmerman, current student of 10 years.

“This is the dance I want to be doing when I die.” — Again, Nancy Ruff.

photo by Averil Hovey, 2018

photo by Averil Hovey, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about Dance Classes:

Is it okay to take class if I’m a beginner?

Yes. Anyone, of any level of experience, is welcome to take this class

What is your refund policy?

It is important to me that this class provides you with freedom and magic in your dancing. This means you must show up. I know that if you continually show up, you will access parts of yourself that you didn’t know were there. If you show up to all of the classes you signed up for, and still don’t get value from your experience, then l will refund you 100% of your class fee, no questions asked. 

Do you accept Payment Plans?

Yes. If you choose to be on a payment plan, please make 5 payments of $80 the first week of each month for a total of $400.
NOTE: I do not refund or modify payment plans if you don't end up attending the full session.

What happens if I miss a class? How do I make it up?

The first two weeks of September (Jan8th-17th: 4 classes total) are designated as: bonus classes if you come to all 15 classes you sign up for; make-up classes if you miss a few classes during the session. You can come on either Tuesday or Thursday each week. 

Do you carry missed classes over to the next session?

No. Please plan on attending the classes you sign-up for between January 22nd-May 2nd, 2019.

Do you ever cancel class because of the snow?

I follow what Boulder Valley School District School does: If they close because of snow, I close because of snow. There may be times when I can’t get down to town, even if BVSD is open. That hasn’t happened yet, but it could. I’ll email everyone in the class when I need cancel, because of the weather, or any other unforseen circumstances.

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