My dance classes are built on noticing the breath and following what emerges from that listening, in every single moment that is unfolding.

There's a point in time in every class I teach when I say, "Fall into the dance. The dance that is already in the room, waiting for you to step in."

What I mean when I say that is:

Become curious about what is arising within you. 


And notice.



"When the birds have inhabited my body, I know I've arrived" -- Helen Turner, current student of 14 years.

The "fall into the dance" goes something like this:

You'll start by lying down on the floor, quieting the body/mind, and noticing.

At some point you might feel a

A thunk.
A thud.
A vhump.

And then you're in.

You're falling.

You're dropping.

You're releasing and relinquishing.

You're flying into a reality that is you and that is not you.

You're inhabiting a world that is both inside and outside of you're body — a world that is beyond the earth, but that is of the earth.

You're orbiting around a very particular sort of solar system.

You fall in and descend to the bottom -- the very deepest part -- of the beginning, the middle, and the end.

"There's nothing else like it." -- Liza Patrick, Student of 4 years


Anyone -- of any level or ability --  with whatever hopes and fears, is welcome to join this class.

Classes are small. 

This means you have the space to dance at your own pace and in your own way:

You are seen for who they are.

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"My soul relaxes into my own spiky weirdness here, in this space." -- Lucy Braham, current student of 2 years..


 photo by Jun akiiyama, 2017

photo by Jun akiiyama, 2017



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The Anatomy of Improvisation: Fall, 2018

Free Classes for Newcomers, Bonus Classes for Old Timers:

Tuesdays: Sept 4th & 11th; Thursdays: Sept 6th & 13th
10:15am-12:15pm at The Boulder Circus Center.

You welcome to come to as many or few of these free dance classes as you wish.

Fall Dance Session, 12 week session = $320.

Tuesday, Sept 18th-Thursday, December 20th
10:15-12:15pm at The Boulder Circus Center

Note to those that register for the Fall Dance Session:

You can use those first two weeks of September as: bonus classes if you come to all 12 classes you sign up for; or, make -up classes, if you miss a few classes during the session. You can come on either Tuesday or Thursday each week for your 12 classes.

"I feel free."  — Linda Stonerock, Current Student of 14 years.


  photo by Jun Akiyama, 2018

photo by Jun Akiyama, 2018

Learning Dog Dance, Summer/Fall 2018

The 3rd Saturday of each month, 1-4pm at The Boulder Circus Center.

Based on cultivating a similar state I work with in Dog Dance, these workshops are:

Delicate sometimes. 
With a bent toward the internal.

Sometimes they get loud, yes.
And sometimes they get fierce, forceful, and wild.
But much of the time, it is slow moving...maybe even still.

Whatever happens in the space for those two hours though, we are connected -- always -- by the individual threads of our creative unfurling.

After I've set the frame and given you context in which to work, everyone drops in on their own time, following what is most important and curious to them. There is no music or prompts. The element of ensemble is more underneath...sort of humming along, present and alive, but not on the surface of the work. 



Between now and December 15th, there are 5 of these workshops happening:


  • August 18th
  • September 15th
  •  October 20th
  • November 3rd (1st Saturday this month)
  • December 15th

  1-4pm at The Boulder Circus Center

You can sign up for a package of up to 4 Saturdays. If you ended up taking all 5, the last one is free.

     It is:

  • $70 for one workshop
  • $120 for two
  • $150 for three
  • $160 for four
  • 5th one is free

"There is no place I would rather be." -- Paulette, Current Student of 5 years.



 photo by Jun akiyama, 2016

photo by Jun akiyama, 2016

"it is the deepest permission” — Nancy Ruff.

"You are saving lives and shattering time." -- Audrey Maruska, Current Student, 1 year.

“I was deciding between seeing the Dali Lama or coming to class.  I choose class!"  "Me too!" -- Simone Key and Suzy Shea, both current students of 6 and 2 years.

“All I can say is thank YOU for providing this space and for being you.  The one who attracts open, inquisitive, and kind individuals to this class...allowing us all to explore, feel and grow through dancing together.”  Johannah Franke, student since 2003, recently turned 85.

“You have a certain magical ability to create an open place for everyone who comes to class to be who they are and bring whatever they can to the process of discovery of truth and beauty through dance. It’s an amazing, heart-opening process, and it’s certainly changed my life.” Linda Stonerock, student since 2003, recently turned 65.

"I want to unfold.
I don’t want to stay folded anywhere,
because where I am folded, there I am untrue. -- Rainer Maria Rilke

Thank you for holding the space in which I could unfold…safely, quietly, loudly, in my own time. I miss you (all) so much.  peace, Margaret Harris".

"I find this resistance. And then hunger. And then...comfort. I walk differently in the world because of this class." -- Nancy Ruff

"My hands were my strongest organs today. Almost like an inner ear...listening so deeply." -- Arrow Zimmerman, current student of 10 years.


Frequently Asked Questions about The Anatomy of Improvisation:

What is your refund policy?

It is important to me that this class provides you with freedom and magic in your dancing. This means you must show up. I know that if you continually show up, you will access parts of yourself that you didn’t know were there. If you show up to all of the classes you signed up for, and still don’t get value from your experience, then l will refund you 100% of your class fee, no questions asked. 

Do you accept Payment Plans?

Yes. If you choose to be on a payment plan, please make 4 payments of $80 the first week of each month for a total of $320.
NOTE: I do not refund or modify payment plans if you don't end up attending the full session.

What happens if I miss a class? How do I make it up?

The first two weeks of September (Sept 4th-13th, 4 classes total) are designated as: bonus classes if you come to all 12 classes you sign up for; make-up classes if you miss a few classes during the session. You can come on either Tuesday or Thursday each week. 

Do you carry missed classes over to the next session?

No. Please plan on attending the classes you sign-up for between September 18th-December 20th of 2018.

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