you can dance if you want to

Yesterday in our improvisation class, Linda said "I never have to change who I am when I am here." Bingo.

You just need to occupy the space.

It doesn’t matter if it is improvisation or choreography.

It doesn’t matter if you are dancing on a friday night at the local bar, or at a friend’s wedding in the ballroom of a swanky hotel.

It doesn’t matter if you have been dancing professionally since you were 3 years old or if you just started dancing last year.

It doesn’t matter if the last time you danced you can’t even remember because you “don’t dance yourself, you just watch."

It doesn't matter if you have hair growing out of your chin or if you gained 10 or 20 or 100 pounds this winter.

It doesn't even matter if your clothes are on inside out.

And it certainly doesn't matter if this is going through your head: "But I don't know how to dance."

Bulldoggy...everyone knows how to dance.

It is just a matter of remembering...