Did you know that Glen, the guy I co-habitat with, enjoy this little life with, make a home and family with, did you know that HE can make and fix ANYTHING?


We just got a Skidsteer (which is like a little dump truck) because we are starting to think about retirement.

The Skidsteer will make it easier for us to live up here into our twilight years.

It will allow us to maintain our mile and a half dirt road that gets us to town every morning and home every evening.

When I first moved up here with Glen, there were usually about 3 weeks in the winter when we couldn’t get our cars up the road to the house because of the snow.

If I came home from town and couldn’t get up our road:  No problem!

I strapped on my snowshoes, threw my backpack that was filled with the weeks groceries on my back, situated  2 jugs of water in each hand, and headed up the mountain as the sun was going down.

Now when it snows or when part of the road starts falling off the mountain we have the Skidsteer!!!

Except that we bought it used, and it didn’t come with forks - those big metal things you see on Forklifts.

I don’t know why we need the forks, but we do, so Glen made some.


Just welded them in his shop one Monday morning when work was slow.

He made his own forks for the Skitzer so we wouldn’t have to buy them.

He’s built a greenhouse, a 4,000 gallon water tank, and various tools for his shop to help make his furniture making process more efficient.

That’s why I can’t figure out why he always just shakes his head when I ask him to build some sort of wind shield for the house.

We get up to 110 mph gusts of wind up here:

A 50 pound hay bale has been blown into the side of the house by the wind

The picnic table, that is tied together and screwed down to the flagstone in the courtyard, the whole tied-up thing blew into the glass door one Saturday morning.

And a window in the kitchen window exploded into millions of pieces at 2am one morning because of the wind.

If he can figure out how to make the forks for the Skidsteer in his shop, can’t he build some kind of huge plexiglass thing that protects the house from the wind?

No, apparently he can’t.

This is an on-going argument we have.

I work hard at trying to “accept the things I cannot change”, but this one…accepting that the wind is just going to blow and blow and blow and smack into our house days and weeks at a time, and Glen can’t do anything about it?   

I am not able to accept this.

Which leads me back to Uh-Oh:

Glen’s work is so incredibly different than mine, for many reasons, but one reason is that he never works on a deadline.

He will turn down all projects and commissions if he is given a deadline.

I only work on deadlines.

My calendar is always out.

I write down what needs to get done by a particular date, and by god it is going to get done.

In most cases, this serves me well.

In some…not so much.

The “Uh-Oh” is that I moved too quickly to get my audio classes out to you.

It was in the calendar to get the audio classes to by Monday, May 16th.

Come hell or high water, that’s what was going to happen.

And this is hard for me to say, but I want a re-do.

Are you ok if I do a re-do?

Are you ok if I  re-send them?

I got some fantastic feedback from one of my most committed and long time students, Johannah, and I want to take that feedback and make the audio classes better.

I took down what is up on the website, and instead did a “Coming Soon”.

I’m not going to give myself a deadline this time, and instead make sure I implement Johannah’s feedback, and that I feel really really good about what I am sending to you.

I should have done this before, but for whatever reason, I didn’t.

That’s my Uh-Oh.

My other Uh-Oh is that a friend and read of this newsletter emailed me last week to say that The Guggenheim Museum had not moved, and that it was still where it always has been.

(She has a lovely and deep connection to this particular museum as she grew up in New York City, and played every day after school right outside the front doors of The Guggenheim).

And she is correct:  The Guggenheim Museum has not moved.

The Guggenheim I was referring to in last week’s newsletter was The Guggenheim Soho, which did in fact close, and was replaced by a Prada Store.

I apologize for not clarifying this.



Mistake, mishaps, and missteps abound, as I, and all of us, find our way in this mad, crazy, and beautiful world.

Thanks  for your patience with the online classes I am attempting to launch.

I will send you another link as soon as they are ready.

Your Dance Mission for The Week is an old favorite of mine:  Put on your favorite music, and dance.

Let me know how it goes.

With Warmth and Jivey Vibes,



Joanna and The Agitators

sweetly agitating/persistently upending


2 PS’s for the Day!



May 31st and June 2nd from 11-1pm

at The Boulder Circus Center

Email me if you plan to be there, and feel free to bring a friend.


Lotsa lotsa opportunities for dancing this summer:  Click here for more info.

I would love to have you in class.