this animal body

¡Que Tal Gallinas! I just returned from Performática in San Andrés Cholula, México and oh my oh my.

I am in love.

In love with this world where it is possible to gather as a community for one week in a small mountain town in central Mexico to dance & talk & breath & sing & mourn & laugh & cry & then laugh some more.

To share meals with one another.

To consider and discuss the loss of a spouse, the illness of a family member, the evacuation from a home, the occupation of a land, the culture we all share as human beings on this planet.

To consider and discuss, and then to dance and dance and dance.

As a self-proclaimed homebody who loves her own bed and idiosyncratic ways, this journey to Mexico, and specifically to Performática, left me hungry for another expedition into the larger world to understand the dancing body and its place in our planet’s history.

In San Andrés Cholula we traversed our own skin to know the skin of another.

I invite us all to do this as we begin our next DANCE MISSION today.


Find a place in the city, town, village, hamlet, in which you live but have never spent time in before.

Spend time there, and dance.


With So Much Warmth and Excitement,

Joanna Rotkin