The Hum of the Pelvic Floor

We’ve been dancing from the pelvic floor these last few weeks in class.  

At the end of one such class, when the buzz between everyone was especially high, Agness said,  “This strong connection between all of us today…I think it’s being generated from the hum of the pelvic floor.”


We continued to speak about the pelvic floor in more detail, where it’s located and how it’s held in the body.


We spoke about the pelvic bowl, a basket-like structure where the organs, like fruit, sit and hover just above the floor of the pelvis, where there is a hum, isn’t there?

When breath and body are engaged and activated, when the mind is slightly behind it all, and when that deepest part of ourselves is out front and leading, there is a humming.


Can you imagine that hum now?


It changes one's whole orientation to the body in space.


It’s can be confusing to sense the pelvic floor and to imagine that hum.


Try it right now, for a minute or two.


Start by seeing if you can sense where your pelvic floor is in your body.


If you can’t sense it — which is totally fine — imagine that you can.


Let your movement and your stillness start the pelvic floor.


If you're sitting on a chair or standing, this sensing may be linked to what is happening with the bottom of your feet.


Again, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, imagine that you know exactly what I’m talking about, and begin.


Let the pelvic floor be the lead, and notice what’s going on with the bottom of your feet. Feel the hum.

Here's some music, to get you started.


An aside, but also not:


Glen goes to bed later than I do, so when I get into bed every night around 10pm, Glen comes in for a 10 minute cuddle as I’m falling asleep.


Almost every night, just as I’m falling asleep, I remember something I need to do the next day.


As I’m drifting off, I’ll mumble: “Call so and so.” Or  “Email so and so.” Or “Idea for class:…..”


After I’ve fallen asleep, Glen gets up and writes down whatever it is I’ve said.


Every morning I find a note on the kitchen table with that reminder.


The morning after the hum of the pelvic floor had been discussed in class, I found a note on the kitchen table that said:


“The Pelvic…Pillow?”


May the hum of the pelvic floor continue to carry you through, no matter sort of circumstance you find yourself in.


With Warmth, Joanna of Joanna and The Agitators sweetly agitating/persistently upending

3 PS's today:

1. Share this newsletter with a friend and discuss the hum: What it means, if it's easy to sense and initiate dancing from the hum, and how imagining can sometimes lead to understanding.

2. Dog Dance  PerformanceFriday July 21st7-8pm at Floorspace: 1510 Zamia Ave, #101 * Julie Rothschild, the owner of Floorspace, will host a wine and cheese mingle after the show. * WorkshopSaturday, July 22nd1-4pm at Floorspace: 1510 Zamia Ave, #101 ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT IN THE me if you want that spot!

3. First Friday of the Month Dance Club: Practicing and Presenting Improvisational Performance. Starts October 6th5-7pm at The BCC. If you haven't already, let me know if I should hold a spot for you.