That's so weird!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word weird lately. A friend and I were talking about it recently, and it got me wondering about what the word weird actually means, especially because I am someone who has always thought of herself as weird.

My dance work has been described as “weird” and the way I shape my life and move about in the world…its a little weird.

I’ve skirted the edges of the mainstream since I can remember, so using the word “weird” has always been the easiest way to describe my existence, at least in my mind.

But I think I have it all wrong in the way I am using the word.

I just looked it up on the computer, and skipping over all of the definitions that have a negative connotation, like: abnormal, crazy, eerie, and freakish, my eye is instead landing on the use of the word weird as a noun:

A person’s destiny.

Well, that’s interesting.

I like that definition rather than this definition:  “inducing a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone”, though I have to admit, my way of being in the world has done just that now and then, depending on who I am with and what the circumstances are.

It’s odd now to be revisiting the word weird, because in a certain sense, my life is becoming less and less weird, and more and more….uh….normal?

I’m still skirting the mainstream, I think I always will, so that hasn’t changed.

I’m shaping my life and moving about as we all do, with fits and starts, expanding and then contracting.

But I don’t feel weird….at all.

And as I said before, I used to feel weird all the time…it was the first word I would use to describe anything I was engaged in.

And now…. I don’t know if I would use that word so readily, only because I don’t actually care anymore about what the outside world thinks.

Because for right now at least, I’m at peace with what I’m doing.

I’m joyfully settled into this routine of dancing and teaching, which is new and surprising every single day.

I’m joyfully settled into this routine of spending time with my family and my friends, and watering the plants at my house, and baking chocolate chip cookies, and taking the beagle on a walk every day.

From the outside, my life and my work may appear to be “weird” (Recently I was part of a group of people had never met before.  We had to do that thing where you turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself.  I loved hearing about the person next to me did, which was teaching speech and debate at the University - my favorite subjects in college outside of dance — and when it was my turn to say what I did, I described the dance classes I teach and the work I am doing with Andrew for Dog Dance,  her smile began to fade.  She nodded curtly, when I finished and then turned away and began talking to someone else…oh well, can’t win ‘em all!)

To me though, the way I live my life and show up in the world feels perfectly normal.

If I were to use the word weird, I would now use it more like this version, the one my eye landed on a few minutes ago:

A person’s destiny.

If that is the definition of weird, than yeah, I guess I’m weird.

I feel pretty darned lucky to be able to say that.

With Gratitude to my students, who show up every day and are willing to drop down into the unknown, with courage, perseverance, and delight.

I could not be doing this work without you.

Your Dance Mission for the Week is to think about, notice, contemplate, your own definition of the word weird.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this, so feel free to email me or post your comments here.

With Warmth, Joanna of Joanna and The Agitators

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