serious business

Last March something HUGE happened.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

I signed up for an online business course.

No, seriously,

I did.


(I hear you laughing).

I signed up for an online business course last year.

And I completed it.

With bells on.

It has been one of the best, most amazing, mind bending educational experiences I have had in a long long time.

Speaking of, my skate skiing lessons are also pretty amazing and mind bending.

I only fell once today.

No, twice.  

I only fell twice.

Or was it 3 times?  

My neurons are growing, they are growing, and they are still growing.

I got a private lesson from an Ultimate Running Coach today, and holy shit.  Sorry to swear, but my god, it was like I was on the Olympic Skate Skiing Team and I suddenly blossomed into this worthy and noble athlete who overcame all of the odds there are to overcome.

That feeling lasted for one whole minute, and then I fell over again.

So we went back to the beginning where all I focused on was my heel pushing into the earth and then lifting up my toes so I could get a bit of a glide.  

But back to me and this business course I am talking about:

This WAS/IS one of the best, most amazing, dare I say GREATEST experiences I have been  part of, and I am gearing up to do it all over again because I just tapped the surface of what is possible.

I will tell you the name of this business course tomorrow AND I will send  a link so that you can go and check this course out for yourself.  

I bet you can guess what I am talking about though.

I probably already told you about it many many times,

because I am a bit obsessed and I can’t stop talking about it.  

I can’t stop talking about it because it has changed everything for me.  

And not in that big-explosive-fire-lava-meteor-lottery-blazing kind of way, 

but in that slow and steady turtle-wins-the race kind of way.  

Which means it is still happening, this change.  

This reevaluation of living.  

This reevaluation of how I spent my time.  

This shift in paradigm about being an artist out in the world.

So everything is still adjusting in that slow, most delicious, and lovely sort of way,

which is why I  keep talking about it.   

I continue to be amazed.

I am just looking back on this year and noticing how much has changed since I signed up for this business course:

How much more at peace I am with my place in the world.

How much more time I get to spend dancing.

How much more down time I have to rest, relax, and move through the world slowly.

How much more I trust my process in terms of creativity, work, relationships, life. 

How much more easily I sleep.

How much more deeply I breath.

How I don’t get anxious or worry about money so much anymore.

How much more I love and value the time I spend teaching and rehearsing and cultivating my dance practice.

I am learning how to listen to my body in a brand new way.

I still have a long way to go, but I am starting.

So this is what happens next:

Tomorrow, Thursday February 5th, I am going to send you another email.

The subject line will read: this is what i’m talking about

I invite you to open it up and see what’s inside.

See if your interest is piqued.  

Notice if you have any questions.

And feel what you feel what you feel.

Whatever that may be.

Today’s email is just me saying how grateful I am to my friend Marcie Goldman, who tugged on my sleeve last winter and said, “Hey, I think you should sign up for this class.  I think you might like it.”

Tomorrow’s email will be is me tugging on your sleeve, saying “Hey, I think you might like this.”

Your Dance Mission for this week is from the lovely Johannah Franke:  

Instead of doing one 10 minute dances once a day, try doing a few 10 second dances throughout your day. Notice what happens.

(And if you love the 10 minute dances once a day, by all means, keep going).

Here a few examples to get you started on your 10 second dances:

  • After you finish drying the dishes, do a little spin and land in an asymmetrical shape.
  • When you are hanging your clothes up to dry, do it balancing on one leg.
  • In the morning, try skipping to your car.

As always, I love hearing from you.

You can post your comment here:

or email me directly.

With Warmth and Jivey Vibes,



Joanna and The Agitators