is dancing enough?

I come back to this question again and again:

Is dancing enough?

On one level, yes, it is enough. 

It is the only thing that makes sense to me and it is the only thing I understand.

But on another level, no, it is not enough — not even close.

It has never been enough, because what is?


Setting an intention?


Believing in the Universe?

Watching Jon Stewart?

When I was in college, I got invited to be part of a weekend long dance intensive with some guest artists who were visiting our school.

That same weekend my best from high school had surprised me by flying out from Colorado to come stay with me for the weekend.

I went to my advisor to explain the situation and to see if I could miss a few hours of the residency since my friend was visiting and I wanted to spend time with her.

She said: 

“You have to decide right now if you want to be a dancer.  Because if you do, it has to be more important than anything else you do in the world.  It has to be more important than any relationship.  It has to be more important than your family.   It has to be more important than any friend you have, visiting for the weekend.

You must dedicate your life to The Dance!!!”

(Would it surprise you that my advisor had a small white dog with a small pink bow pinned to its small curly fur, who insisted on sitting on my advisor’s small little lap during our entire meeting? 

I didn’t think so).

It was at that moment that I realized dancing wasn’t enough.

It was something, a big something, but not everything, and certainly not big enough for me to give up everything else to pursue it.

So if dancing is not enough, then what do we do?

We keep dancing.

We keep dancing so that we can face this complicated, devastated, and radiant world.

We keep dancing so that we can see the world clearly and do our part to make it better.

We keep dancing — knowing that it is not enough — and at the same time, knowing that it is all there is.

How did your dance mission go last week of NOT DANCING?

Did you do it?

How did it feel?

Are you ready to start dancing again??


Because your dance mission this week is to dance outside, in the open air of summer, somewhere private, so you aren’t worried about being watched.

Listen the sounds around you, feel your feet on the earth, notice what you feel what you feel what you feel.

And breath.

If you are inspired, write a little something and post it here.

I always love hearing about your experience.


Last chance to sign-up for the summer dance session my friend.

If you have been thinking about it, toying with the idea of it, wondering if it is the right fit for you,  head on over to this link to find out more. 

And then email me, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

With Warmth and Jivey Vibes,



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