be careful or your face might just freeze like this

Do you think I should use this photograph on my website??? My friend Jun took it of The Great Green and I kinda love it in a strange and loopy sort of way. It reminds me of what happened this Sunday for the first Family Dance Day of the summer.

Everyone was open and willing to try anything. The crazy little dances that each family made were distinctive and unique to that particular family. Everyone was making faces and giggling, not caring about what they looked like or if they were doing it right. It was just about being together - dancing side by side.

Which, in my mind, is what the essence of dancing is all about.

When we let go of caring about what we look like, something magical opens up and we are able do more then we ever imagined.

When we let go of “Am I doing it right?”, the beauty in the dancing is elevated.

When we let go of trying to understand how it all fits together, a freedom begins to emerge in the body that is generous and spacious.

Serendipity and synchronicity start to become a daily occurrence.

So try this right now:

Get up from the computer, wherever you are, and just move for 10 seconds. It doesn’t matter how you move, it doesn’t matter what kind of movement it is, there is no right and there is no wrong. Just move and count to the number 10 and then sit back down. As you move for these 10 seconds notice your breathing. When do you inhale? When do you exhale? What happens during the gaps between? Feel your feet on the earth and see what is around you as your moving. If you are in a public space, like a cafe, you can move super small so no one sees you moving (I just did it myself and no one noticed me). If you are home, you can do it bigger if you like.

Do this two more times throughout the day. Stop whatever it is you are doing and move for 10 seconds. And NOTICE. Just notice what you are feeling. It doesn’t matter WHAT you are feeling, just notice what it is. Are you glad that the 10 seconds is over or do wish you could keep dancing?

If you are feeling courageous try to do your 10 seconds of movement on the ground so you change your body position in a more drastic way.

If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, lethargic, confused, or bewildered in the next few days, change your position. Then change it again. Change it once more, and then dance for as long as you want to your favorite music. Or in silence. Or while humming.

I would love to hear how this goes for you, so post about your experience here:

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!!!


Joanna of Joanna and the Agitators