"Cars" is the best movie, ever

The emails I'm getting from you all about the dance film I made, The Sky Inside — as is usual for you humans — move me, again and again.

One email came from Jenn, relaying what her 8 year-old son said about The Sky Inside:

“I overheard (my son) describing the film to my mother today. He said “it’s a movie about everything. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. It’s slow and quiet but it seems like all the dancers are talking.” 

When I asked Jenn if I could quote her son in this newsletter, she emailed me back and said, 

“Yes, but he did want me to clarify that “Cars” is the best movie ever made but “The Sky Inside” is a close second.”

That might be one of the best testimonials I've ever gotten.

Making this film was so hard — I can’t imagine ever doing something like this again, though I know I just might — but it is the creative project I am the most proud of. 

I love The Sky Inside, so much.

And I love it because of the people in it, and I love it because you came out on a Sunday or a Monday or a Monday, to sit in a dark theater with me and watch the delicacy of the dancers unfold, slowly and over time.  

This stops me in my tracks sometimes, thinking about that.

That we all sat together for a bit and watched the dancers find their way into a dance that has always been there, and that will always be there -- simply waiting for us, every single one of us, to step in.

Thank you for showing up, and for being willing.

I leave for Europe on Sunday (I’m trying not be nervous, people keep telling me not to be nervous, but I’m really nervous).

I plan on keeping this newsletter going while I’m there, and to get back to my schedule of emailing you every other Wednesday. If I miss a Wednesday, or if I email you on a Monday instead, it’s because that is what is happening while I’m away. 

I know love is a big word that is thrown around these days, especially in emails, so that sometimes it starts to mean less, but love - big love.

Joanna and The Agitators

And who are the agitators? The agitators are those gorgeous humans you saw in The Sky Inside.