Dog Dance is going to Europe!

Dog Dance is going to Europe!




Dog Dance?

But….I kinda wanna stay home!

It’s a dilemma, except it’s not, ‘cause as a friend said, “Will you kick yourself if you don’t go?”

Uh, yeah!

But but but --

I love the tea cup I drink out of every morning.

Bring the tea cup.

I’m nervous I’ll get homesick.

You will. So what?

What if nobody likes me?

Somebody won’t like you, and somebody will.

But but but --


And start again.

I got accepted into an artist residency in Norway for the month of June, to practice and perform Dog Dance.

I emailed a friend, who runs an artist residency in Ireland, and said, “I just got accepted into an artist residency in Norway. What should I do?”

She emailed back, “Come to Ireland first so you can do an artist residency here too :).”

So that’s what I’m doing:

Going to Ireland to teach and perform Dog Dance at my friend’s artist residency, visiting more friends in between, and then going to Norway to Dog Dance some more.

I’m flabbergasted — a bit.

Excited — a lot.

Really really nervous — like, so nervous.

I like my routine: my dance classes, my friends, my family, my cat, my house, my bed, MY TEA CUP, oh and Glen…I like Glen...quite a bit.

So that’s why I need my friends to say:


Because it would be easier and way more comfortable to stay home, but I'm buying the plane ticket today, and I’m GOING.

This is new — this wishy washy feeling about traveling, and adventures.

I’ve always gotten up and gone, no questions asked, when something like this has come up in the past.

I needed a kick in the tush this time as I’ve sunken deeper into the couch cushions it seems. 

And I got it — the kick — so I’m going.

I don’t know how many artists will be in Ireland but, I think there will about 6 of us in Norway, sharing a farmhouse and making art, at the bottom of a mountain, right on the water.

I’m flabbergasted

(did I already say that, the flabbergasted part?)

that Dog Dance is going to Europe.


With Warmth,
Joanna and The Agitators
sweetly agitating/persistently upending 

Work in the prions:
Thank you, so many of you, for your incredible responses to the newsletter I sent out a few weeks ago about teaching dance in the prison. Many asked if I will, indeed be going back, and my answer is: I hope so. Will keep you posted as it all unfolds in its own time.

Dance Film:
The Sky Inside on April 28th and 29th at The Boedecker Theater in Boulder at 7pm.

Come come come.