down going

last night i sat on the couch and stared into space for a very long time.

there was a never ending to-do list to my right.

the cat was on my left, and i was petting her silky furry body.

without warning, i slowly slid, down into the cushions — head first, feet last.

i dove and dove and dove, into the couch.

 hips twisting upward, ankles in air, elbows pushing down so the rest of me went up, or out.

 my head hung off the side and my arms were reaching.

 this way, and than that.

this went on for hours, the cat continuing to purr as i danced around her silky furry body.

she rested her paw on my head from time to time…my head that was burrowing beneath the cushions.

my down going on the couch started at 5pm.

 my body finally touched earth, at eight.

 i missed dinner.

 i’m scrambling to get through my to-do list this morning, sitting on the same couch, lap desk resting on legs that are folded beneath my body.

 the cat is again to my left, purring, as i pet her silky furry body.

it’s very hard not to down go again.