Will you dig a hole with me?

A friend of mine said all she wants to do is dig a deep hole, rest her body against the earth, and cover herself in leaves.

I say do it.

And then do it again.

She also wants to make and design her own line of clothing.

I say do that too!

Maybe make a line of clothing that’s edible so that we can eat the clothes right off of our bodies.

She wants to grow the plants that will make the dyes that will create the color for the clothes.


dig the hole
lie down
touch the earth
make the clothes so we can eat them all — right off of our bodies.

Play the fiddle if you want to play the fiddle.

Paint with your non-dominant hand, just to see what happens.

Write, on your arms and your legs, with a bic ball point pen or a sharpie, like when you were a teenager, sending secret messages to your best friend through your body, your skin, and your cells.

Just for today: stop striving, stop trying, and stop doing.

Instead, roll and roll and roll, with so much slow.