My friend Jill wrote a book!

Guess What?!

My friend Jill Sigman wrote a book, and it’s fabulous.

It’a also beautiful — the lay out and the photos are stunning.

I've been reading it at night instead of listening to or reading the news.

I'm not only having more restful sleeps than before I started reading her book, I'm also waking up in the morning excited to take part in, and engage with a world that is beautiful and cruel, bewildering and magnificent. 

Jill says things like:

“Re-visioning is a fine-grained form of resistance.” 


“All of these actions conspire to create a space where there was no space before.”

Jill’s work expands the definition of what it means to be an active citizen by getting to the underneath place of what it means to be part of a culture, a society, and a world. 

Underneath policy, underneath systems, underneath governments, underneath power, and underneath infrastructure, there is imagination.

It is here, in this place of simply being, breathing, and moving in space and time that we, as citizens, unravel, burst open, and then reveal the most true, soft part of ourselves. 

And here, in that soft place, an opening, a delicacy of expression that is filled with meaning and therefore compassion, bursts forth, and is called — urgently — to participate in the world in surprising, astonishing, and sometimes extraordinary ways to forge new pathways of activism, civic engagement, and social justice practices through:

Sipping tea.

If you want to, click here to purchase Jill’s book.

I rarely promote this kind of thing, let along provide a link for you to make a purchase...but's just that good.