Dog Dance at The Denver Art Museum

I’m having a little experience lately, of Dog Dance being everywhere:


I’m walking with my nephew and he slows way down, falling behind.


I turn to look, and see his arms float up into the air, a slow motion reach, out into space.


I say curtly, “What are you doing? It’s freezing cold and I’m starving. Keep on walking kiddo.”


He says:  “But I’m doing Dog Dance Aunt Jo.”


My heart -- of course -- melts, and I feel like a fool.


I walk back to meet him and let my arms float up into the air too, following his slow motion reach into space. 


Someone tells me they are at a dancey dance event -- loud music playing with a driving beat -- and they are in the corner, Dog Dancing.  Others wonder what is going on in that corner over there, so they come by and ask. Now there is a small group in the corner, Dog Dancing underneath the beat.


Someone else has a similar experience, except this time there is no talking or explaining, just a singular human form by the window and the light, following a particular pathway unfolding from the deepest part of her being. One by one others come to her, and begin.


There’s this too:


After Paulette had her horrendous car accident, on the way to the Friday morning dance class a few weeks ago, I emailed to see how she was doing.

She replied:


“Given that I was hit by a truck directly into the driver’s side I’m doing great. Walking is hard and as long as I’m not getting up and moving no pain. But since it appears that life dictates the necessity for movement the getting up and moving is not so easy. Getting better each day. 


Of course I will be returning to class and doing the Denver Art Museum performance (**Reader, see below**). No truck is going to stop me!!


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was doing dog dance. Immediately after the accident. Trapped in the car for fifteen minutes. In the ambulance, ER, and then in the hospital. It saved me.”


So Dog Dance away *|FNAME|*,  with breath, curiosity, and tenacity…wild rapture too.


**Dog Dance is at The Denver Art Museum on Friday, January 26th.

13 of us are performing.

Audience members, passers by, and onlookers are invited to join in the dancing of it, so come on January 26th and Dog Dance with us. Not sure what time yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know. (Thanks Laura Ann Samuelson, for the invite :)).**


Also, the winter/spring dance session starts on January 9th.  

It’s filling up and almost at overflow, so if you haven’t yet, let me know if you would like to be part of this ensemble that meets each week to:  

  • Breath, sense, and perceive the body in stillness and in motion.
  • Be in relationship with, and all around the other human beings inhabiting this space, in their distinctive natures and singular ways.
  • Follow an extraordinary creative thread, that is your very own, as it unspools into space.  
  • Meet all of the other threads, unspooling into space, that are also, extraordinary.


Email me if you have questions and/or to sign-up for class.

Oh and oh and oh!

FREE DANCE CLASS, on Saturday, Jan 6th from 1:30-3:00pm at the Boulder Circus Center, exploring known, named, and well honed forms of improvisation as a way to see and experience patterns in the body in relationship to space, time, and others. No previous experience is necessary to join.


If you like rules, structures, and the pleasure of a little bit of knowing, this is for you!  

Email if you want to come.