4 Ways to Drop

"Drop" means to let go of, release, and relinquish.

It means to LET FALL.

In every class I teach, there is a moment when I say “Fall into the dance.”

I used to stay “step into the dance”, but as I became more steeped in my own work, the sensation for me has shifted to fall.  So I have been using the word fall lately. 

But falling can be scary, so if you prefer to go back to "step in" or "move in" or "drop down into", please do.

You choose which works for you

For me, it goes something like this for me:

I lie down.

I notice my breath and at some point there is a drop.

A thunk.
A thud.
A vhump.

And I’m in.

I'm falling.

I’m dropping.

I’m flying into a reality that is me and that is not me.

I’m inhabiting a world that is both inside and outside of my body — a world that is beyond the earth, but that is of the earth.

I’m orbiting around a very particular sort of solar system.

I fall in, and then descend to the bottom -- the very deepest part -- of the beginning, the middle, and the end.

This is what I try to share with those who take my class.

To drop and drop and drop, and then wait to see what becomes.

You can drop too *|FNAME|*. 

Step in, move in, or if you prefer, fall.

Here are 3 simple tips to get you started: 

  • Disregard all expectations of your dancing body.
  • Pay attention to hope, and then let it go, over and over and over again.
  • Take pleasure in the sea of possibility that is your dancing body.
  • Cultivate and be rigorous about the detail.

Also, there's this:

Your body is made up of the same material as the stars. .

This means that there is so no excuse to busy yourself with any dance other than this one:  The one that is made up of the stars.

There is nothing else.

THIS IS THE DANCE you were put on this earth to uncover.

So do it.

Drop in again and again and again.

There is too much at stake right now not to.